W Fort Lauderdale Hotel

Every Wednesday

Get immersed in the local art scene with Live Painting every Wednesday! Feel the beat of the street with local artists painting large and live in the Living Room at the W Fort Lauderdale. Enjoy cocktail specials while seeing new work come to life in the plush and swank surroundings on the fourth floor of this beachside, uber-chic hotel.

Date: Every Wednesday
Time: 8:00pm - 11:00pm

W Fort Lauderdale: The Living Room Lounge (4th Floor)
3101 Bayshore Drive
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

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DATE | December 19, 2018

FEATURED ARTIST | Emmanuel Gonzales

Emmanuel Gonzales has had a strong presence in the South Florida art scene since his graduation from Palm Beach Atlantic College in 2001. He has a bold and edgy style fusing together collage, pencil, pastel, watercolor, and oils to create movement and energy. The resulting pieces are a balance of strong imagery and intimacy, achieved with an attention to subtleties often refined through detailed work. His body of art explores the past and present through realism and portraiture and includes a growing retrospective of American icons where each piece is presented as a fragment in a larger American patchwork.


Contact Information

Instagram: @artbyemmanuel

Twitter: @artbyemmanuel

Facebook: @artbyemmanuel

Website: www.emmanuelart.com


December 19 | INFO COMING SOON

DATE | December 26, 2018

FEATURED ARTIST | Ignacio Marino Larrique

Native from Uruguay and born in December of 1982, Ignacio Mariño Larrique is a Miami based integral artist with bast experience in large and small formats who likes to put himself as a medium between the inspiration of a random stain and the final piece. He is the interpreter of his own impulse.

Trying to know the message he is sending with each artwork is worthless. Each piece he conceives has as many interpretations as people looking at them.
Ignacio’s method for conceiving the final piece puts himself as a pioneer in the art field.


Contact Information

DATE | January 2nd, 2019

FEATURED ARTIST | Luis Daniel Pedroza

Luis Daniel Pedroza is a young Colombian painter residing in Miami, Florida. His art is influenced by his fond of rap culture and contemporary philosophy. One that has been struck by lighting can agree that the artworks here bring back to life the feeling of having millions of volts tickling every inch of the human body.

Nevertheless, these paintings and drawings also talk about the twilight zone and traveling to areas of consciousness not meant to be explored. The artist presents these images as mirrors for us to stare at our inner demons, the beast lurking inside of us, that which our insecurities and childhood lessons constantly aim to tame.

The animals have escaped, with their drooling fangs they are now determined to haunt us all.


Contact Information

Email: lpedroza89@hotmail.com

Instagram: @lpedroza89

Twitter: @lpedroza89

Facebook: @lpedroza89

Website: www.luisdanielpedroza.com