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Advancing the Arts for Social Good

Art is a powerful tool. It can uplift lives. Upend unjust systems. Transform perspectives and amplify voices that far too often go unheard. When properly leveraged, art is a catalyst for change on personal, communal and economic levels. At ArtServe, we bring together enterprise, academia, government and philanthropy to engage and inspire people of all backgrounds and abilities through innovative programming, artist support and education. We are able to do this through support from patrons like you. Donate today to help continue these efforts to advance the arts for social good.

ArtServe inspires, supports and advances our diverse members, artists, and community by promoting artistic development, education and prosperity through the exploration and presentation of the visual and performing arts.

South Florida’s premier arts and culture incubator.

  • Integrity and fairness. It all starts with integrity. We trust in the integrity and fairness of each other to always do the right thing, to be open, honest and forthright with ourselves and others, to demonstrate courage, to solve without blame and to follow through on all our commitments.
  • Respect and caring. We reach out with respect and caring. We have a genuine interest in the well-being of others. We know the importance of listening, the power of understanding and the immeasurable value of support.
  • Diversity and inclusion. Even though we have a common vision, we embrace and celebrate our individual differences. We are strengthened by a diversity of cultures, perspectives, attitudes, and ideas. We honor each other’s heritage and uniqueness, and know that including diverse voices in the conversation is essential to our progress. Our power of diversity, and refusal to discriminate makes a world of difference.
  • Always learning — always teaching. We learn from others as they learn from us. We learn. We teach. We grow. This begins by seeing the person first, and the role they play secondarily.
  • Being “of service.” Being of service is our pleasure. We treat people as special and appreciated by giving of ourselves, doing more than expected, anticipating needs, and making a difference within the community.
  • Community and teamwork. Teamwork works. By trusting one another and building a like-minded community, we bring together the best in all of us and go beyond the boundaries of ordinary success.
  • Excellence. We have a passion to set and to pursue, with innovation, courage and humility, ever higher standards for our guests, artists, educators, leaders and community.

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Get to know the arts community! The Creative Eight was established to shine a light on artists of all genres. We have asked each artist eight q uestions that reveal how they derive their artistic inspiration. This is an ongoing project, and we encourage you to check back periodically for new artist profiles.

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