True Colors

October 5 - November 4

Embrace originality. Diversity. Acceptance. Show your true colors. Celebrate the differences of others. The True Colors multi-media exhibition expresses through the art the theme of being true to yourself, and respectful of those that present a different side of the spectrum.

The exhibition features over 120 pieces from 60 artists from across South Florida and throughout the state, all in exploration of the nature of identity and diversity along all spectrums, including thematic works on LGBTQ issues, First Amendment rights, race and ethnicity, women’s rights, and more. The area’s top artists make bold statements, dispel misconceptions and let the true colors of their work--and our multi-dimensional society--shine through.

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Gallery Reception: Thursday, October 12 | 6:00pm - 8:00pm
The reception for True Colors will take place on Thursday, October 12 and feature traditional Mexican dancers from Jim Hammond’s Day of the Dead celebration, food, music, and an Online People’s Choice award.

Featured Artists:
Suzanna Antonez-Edens | Leonardo Bacan | Thursday | Linda S. Behar | W. James Blanford, Jr. | Susan Clifton | Richard Cohen | Melba Craff | Susan Marie David | Brandon Drucker | Blima Efraim | Cheryl Eggleston | Richard Ferrugio | Pedro A. Figueredo | Rosemary Fineberg | Erica Franco | George Gadson | Derek Garubo | Indranil Ghosh | Susan Girardi-Sweeney | Ronnie Greenspan | Holly Harris | Marvin Keith | Max Lazega | Marlet Lopez | Doreen LoRusso | Abel Marquez | Robert Anthony Montesino | Audrey Moskew | Peter Olsen | Atiz | Javier Padura | Frank Papandrea | Mayra Pau | Pierre Pepin | Lam Pimental | David Plath | Dunny Potter | Lori Pratico | Carlos Pundik | Richard Randall | Mickey Ray | Henry Ryan Rojas | Tricia Rutsis | Lynda Sauls | Judy Sayfie | Paul Sclafani | Lesley Tascon | Michael Anthony Thomas | Simone Todd | R. William von Sydow | Amanda Walling | Jen Walls | Marcelle Zanetti