Date: 08/12/2017 | Time: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Please join ArtServe and the teens of the Broward ARTrepreneurs program as they debut eight original one-act plays created this summer with instructor Jim Hammond. Presented over two nights, these works are conceived, staged, and directed by creative new voices. Exciting, dramatic, funny, and poignant, The Short Play Festival 2017 promises to entertain, enlighten, and provide a showcase for innovative new artists.

Tickets are free but space is limited; RSVP onlineNote: Performances contain adult themes and language best suited for mature audiences.


AFRICA by Ojobayo Lyons
Produced by Lyon Productions | Directed by Tatyana Mack
Percussionists: Baba Adekemi Lyons & Ojobayo Lyons
CAST: Adebambo: Mcgarney Bowman | Dad: Ojobayo Lyons | Mom: Gabrielle Lenoir
Grandfather: Yasharwan Blaine | Lisa: Gabrielle Lenoir
A confused young man struggling with his place in the community, faces a new challenge when his best friend is bullied at school for being black. How does he help his friend? Are his choices influenced by who society perceives him to be … or who he actually is? Luckily, an unknown hero opens his eyes to his rich history, shifting his perception of his own identity.

AFFLICTED by Gabrielle Lenoir
Produced by Le Noir Productions | Directed by Gabriel Vasquez
Assistant Director Laisha Navarro
CAST: June: William T. Roach | Sophie: Kiersten Kunz | Detective Stephens/Damon:
Luis Rodriguez | Quinn: Carla Zackson Heller | Julie: Karen Roach
Following a tragic accident, June’s wife leaves him, taking their son with her. After yet another night of gambling and drinking, June stumbles across a young girl in search of her parents. His attempts to aid this girl create a moral dilemma for him, as he juggles his financial debt against his debt to society as he discovers every action has a reaction.

Produced by: Woy It’s T-Bone | Directed by Yesenia Navarro
Assistant Director: Gabrielle Lenoir
CAST: Steven: Gabriel Vasquez | Larry: Isiah Pericles | Sam: Joas “T-Bone”Thermidor
Two cops interrogate a suspect while competing for who is role-playing what. Tensions flare up in the interrogation room and the outcome is unpredictable. Role reversals, suspicious suspicions and determining what makes a better cop and a smart suspect.

DEVIL’S NIGHT by Gabe Vasquez
Produced by Guppy Storm Media | Directed by Gabrielle Lenoir
Assistant Director: Jacob Rones
CAST: Catherine: Gabrielle Fickinger | Brooke: Ashley Gomez | Derek: Yasharwan Blaine
Sandra: Kiersten Kunz
When Catherine, a high school student, witnesses a traumatic event, she discovers the true consequences of her inaction. Fear and dread overwhelm her as the “Devil’s Night” marks a day she will never forget.

RETROSPECT by Hannah Ellowitz
Produced by: Actor’s Element | Directed by : Jacob Rones
Assistant Director: Gabriel Vasquez
CAST: Michael Durek: William T. Roach | Dr. Katie Newcomb: Gabrielle Flickinger
With the true-life tale of Kitty Genovese’s murder as a backdrop, the effects of inaction through are explored through Michael’s fictitious story. In 1964 Kitty was murdered outside her New York apartment. The New York Times reported that though 38 people witnessed the attack, nobody notified police in time to save her life.