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Artist Statement

Art is learning to see the usual things in a new way.

I draw inspiration from nature, particularly the ocean. Particularly for my abstracts I use a balance of unusual color combinations and found objects from either nature or manmade to create textures. I love to paint figures as well, and there I rely on the chiaroscuros I love in order to create drama, sensuality and mood.

In my paintings I use mixed media for texture, making some of my work almost sculptural.

Artist Bio

Born in Havana, Cuba she arrived in the United States alone as a young teenager in 1962 under the care of the Peter Pan Program and was relocated to Portland, Oregon and lived there for many years after being reunited with her parents. The Pacific Northwest and its multiple cultures were very influential and allowed her to gain the perception about the human condition that permeates her work in textures and colors. In 1977 she relocated to Miami Florida, again adding another layer to her perception as she reconnected with her roots.

Eventually, she had to address the creative needs that were never far away and for the last few years she has been nursing that flame with resolution.

Without any formal art education, she found allies in Baruj Salinas and Yovani Bauta, two acclaimed Cuban artists, who have encouraged and nurtured her talent to blossom.

Contact Information:
Celia Reigle
Website: celiareiglestudio.com
email: cubanreigle@gmail.com
Facebook: Celia Reigle
Telephone: 305-542-4176