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Imagine a world without color. Now imagine a garden overflowing with blooming flowers.

My art is a response to the colors and shapes of creation. Most recently my artwork has been focused on color and movement. I have been working with various media including watercolor, ink and acrylic markers on paper. My abstracts are created by freely layering these media together and responding to what happens with the shapes and colors.

Artist Bio

My name is Sonja Timmer. Recently I have been working with mixed media, including watercolor, ink and acrylic on paper. I grew up the child of an artist and appreciation for artistic expression came with the territory. My parents helped instill a love for the world that God created and my art is a response to that creation. I studied art at Calvin College, a small fine arts college in Grand Rapids Michigan. It took time, 12 years to be exact, but I eventually came to the realization that teaching art was for me. I have been teaching art for the last 12 years, most recently at Westminster Academy for the last 6 years. I have found that my own creating is important to, and informs my teaching. I have built up a portfolio and the next step as an artist is to start showing the world my art.

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