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"As an artist, I seek to portray a journey in to my deepest self, dreams and fears. My style is about fantastic images displayed in a realistic manner that captures a moment in time, thus telling a story. Although my themes tend to be obscure, they are at the same time elegant and thought provoking. I enjoy using different media, such as acrylics, oil pastel and pastels, to convey diverse feelings and imagery. My goal as an artist is to give the viewer a starting point for questions and answers about themselves."

Artist Bio

Born in Bonao, Dominican Republic, Yahidith Monnalisa grew up drawing and very much into crafting. She moved to Miami Beach, Florida at the age of 14 where she attended Design & Architecture Senior High, with a focus on Fashion Design & Illustration. She mostly paints acrylics on canvas and also enjoys making large pastel on paper drawings and watercolor florals. Yahidith is inspired by a lifetime of vivid dreams and an overactive imagination, where she draws from to create her sceneries.
After graduating with a degree in International Business Management, Yahidith Monnalisa runs a handmade e-commerce shop along side creating her artworks. She currently lives in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

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