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Kelly Fawaz is an experienced and gifted artist. He uses electronics, sounds, and lights in his art works. In some of his works, he uses authentic jewels such as black diamonds and semi-precious stones.M

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Kelly Fawaz was born on May 21, 1962 in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa; he came to America in August of 1977; became an American citizen in 2000, and currently resides in South Florida. After graduating from The American Technical Institute of Electronic Engineering in Miami, Florida, he began using his experience from the electronics industry to create several art works that include paintings with lights and music. He is a self-taught artist who loves to paint people, animals and landscapes
His paintings have been displayed in locations such as: the final touring of the Bob Marley’s Memorabilia at The History of Miami Museum, the Museum of the Americas, and the Karen Ledbetter Galleries of Fine Arts. In addition, he is a proud member of the Portrait Society of America and ArtServe. Prince Gharios was so impressed with Kelly’s portrait of him, he spearheaded Kelly being knighted in New York at the United Nation, June 20, 2014.
Recently, he has been invited to become a Publicity Ambassador for “WE CARE FOR HUMANITY” by Princess Maria Amor Torres from the Royal House of the Philippines. During the month of June 2016, there was a private showing of his art works at the West Regional Library in Plantation, Florida. Because the art exhibit was well attended, the librarian requested an additional showing of his landscaping art works to be scheduled for the end of the year.

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