Under the Veil

Artwork by Corey Lovett & Sergio de la Flora

February 2019

Opening Reception
  Thursday, February 7th | 6pm - 8pm

This exhibit is composed by monotypes and printmaking pieces by
Corey Lovett and Oil Portraits by Sergio de la Flora.

Corey Lovett
Corey Lovett is a South Florida based artist who specializes in printmaking and oil painting. His series entitled "The Veil" is inspired from an excerpt from the novel "Souls of Black Folk" by W.E.B. Dubois. In this excerpt, Dubois describes the social divide and feeling of contempt he and other black people feel concerning the metaphorical "veil". There are different variations within the series that show a shifting of the veil. The portraits that are completely covered by the veil serve as metaphors to the issue of how negative stereotypes and racism hinder the world of looking at black people for who they really are. Other prints within the series show the veil entering or leaving the composition, and also deteriorating. He also includes text on some of the prints to emphasize an added literal response from the person being depicted.

Sergio de la Flora
Sergio de la Flora is mainly inspired by life. His anthropological affinity takes him to observe human emotions and behaviors. He finds inspiration in the different cultures of the world and how we've built our societies with all its components...education, politics, relationships etc. where every element is linked. Sergio's technic of preference is oil. His work doesn't reflect realistic details but instead, he only insinuates them. His method is defined by the illusion of making the works look realistic if viewed from a distance. It is a representation of who we are and the role we play in today's world. From far, we look great, having glorious lives; but if we look closer, not everything looks as it seems. Sergio's palette is composed by primary hues. His subject of concentration is mainly human portraits with a slight touch of surrealism. His most recent series includes portraits of African people. His intention is to transmit deep feelings of equality and "oneness" and the idea that we, human beings are sculpture, art, creations, and masterpieces of a more divine artist