Yoni Yoga and Meditation

Class Description

STYLE: Yoga/Meditation

INSTRUCTOR: Amari Joseph

DAY: Last Saturdays        TIME: 7:00pm

Yoni Yoga and Meditation is a workshop where you will be looking at how the weaving together the practices of ancient rituals to help us begin healing our womb, bringing us into harmony with our natural cycle, and embrace the embodiment of our female power through feminine empower. As we create a community of wombman to come together to share, support, and educate each other on our journey, you will experience the Divine Feminine Empowerment. Through this sensual, healing and informative experience to awaken and activate the the Sacral Chakra and Kundalini you will experience the benefits of being able to harness your feminine powers for clarity and manifesting your dreams, goals, or purpose.

Class time subject to change, contact the instructor for class schedule