Tribal Belly Dance

Class Description


Teacher Information:  Wendy “Aliki” Vrijenhoek
(954)  805-0083


Class Time: Thursdays 7:30pm – 8:30pm
*please confirm with the instructor on status of class schedule

Inspired by the rhythmic beats of different cultures, Aliki has expanded her dance background to include Samba, Salsa, Merengue and African Dance at the Gil Santos Dance Studio. Soon after, she joined the Mid-East Dance Exchange studio in Miami Beach where she started her bellydance career.

After a brief few years living in The Netherlands and England and studying art at the Putney School of Art & Design, Aliki returned to Miami and began studying at Lotus Dance Exchange,  She focused on the ATS®, Tribal Fusion and Egyptian styles of  Bellydance which have shaped her unique and playful style of dance that you see today.

Aliki began teaching both children and adult classes over 10 years ago. Her teaching style is energetic, upbeat and infectious. She inspires her students through innovative choreography and her positive, nurturing personality. Her motto? To have fun, be young and dance forever.

Tribal Bellydance: “Tribal Style bellydance is a modern and Western phenomenon. It takes the movements of Middle Eastern dance and combines them with movements, posture and aesthetics of other ethnic dance forms, such as North African dance, Flamenco and Classical Indian dance. It also has a unique costuming style using rich and heavy textiles, tribal jewellery, metal adornments and many layers of clothing. The costuming does not aim to reproduce any given genuine tribal group (1), but instead conforms to Western notions of ethnic fantasy using a range of different elements from many areas to create a look that is overall cohesive and unusual.” (Kathryn Whittington)

Benefits of Class:  We will be working with connecting with your body and learning to dance improvisational dance with a great group of women. Make a connection with the earth and the sisters around you to empower your self confidence and love of dance

What to Wear: Please wear yoga attire, hip scarf, no coin belts. Anything that is easy to move in. Please bring water to keep hydrated.