Reiki Meditation Circle

Class Description

Reiki is a gentle and subtle method that combines meditation with light touch to reduce stress and increase relaxation, clarity, and focus. It balances the body, mind, and spirit, allowing your body to access its own strength, wisdom, creativity, and self-healing abilities. It opens you to the possibilities and potential in your life. Relax and release tensions as you sit in a chair, listen to a short guided meditation, and experience the subtle yet powerful energy of Reiki for yourself.

Class Details

MEDIUM: Reiki Yoga
EXPERIENCE LEVEL: All are welcome!
DAY: Monday                        TIME: 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Suggested Donation | $10

INSTRUCTOR:   Elise M. Oranges

(954) 648-5501
FACEBOOK: @Sunnywaters Reiki


About Elise Oranges

I am passionate about Reiki! I have been a Reiki Master for five years and a practitioner for eight years. Reiki has opened me up to the possibilities and potential in my life and empowers me to let my own true self and inner beauty come to life. It has helped me to change my life completely, in ways that I never would have imagined, and it is now my mission to enlighten others about this beautiful method of relaxation and self-healing. In addition to founding Sunnywaters Reiki, a very active and growing Reiki community in South Florida, I am also a Life & Career Coach, a meditation facilitator, and an ordained minister. I also teach all levels of Reiki certification classes and do private groups and individual sessions, as well as Reiki + Life Coaching combo sessions, and classes and workshops on related areas of interest.

What Students Are Saying

“Reiki Meditation has been powerfully instrumental in calming the inner critic within my mind. Reiki additionally has aided me in remaining focused and centered as well as instilling physical healing along with adding clarity to my overall thought process. Reiki knows “where to go and what to do”.” (ES)

“… people I have met in the Reiki circles and the actual Reiki meditation practice have made an incredible change in my life. I am much calmer, confident, and my self-esteem is at an all-time high. I do not worry as much or try to control situations in my life like before.” (MS)

“Reiki helps me to feel the way I like myself. After a Reiki session I feel lighter and less tense, calmer, and more comfortable where I am- in my environment. Immediately after a session my sense of perspective gets bigger and I have more space in myself and energy to do things. I am more accepting and I tend to feel happier and more agreeable. Reiki has helped me to feel more loving and to feel loved. I can feel peaceful. My mood and sense of self improves, and I feel stronger. Things don’t bother me as much and I’m more OK with the world around me. I feel the way I think when I’m excited about life and that usually has an effect on me becoming more productive. Reiki has helped me to become more friendly towards myself and more true to myself. I am motivated to continue because I feel good about it, after it, and during. ” (EG)

Reiki Yoga
This Reiki sessions was held at the beach under a Full Moon. Please join us to experience the healing powers of Reiki