Jack Skay
March 2018
BDO Gallery


Opening Reception: March 15 | 6pm - 8pm

Jack Skay is an established talented artist. Five years ago Jack who always had desire to be creative decided to let his imagination run wild and put brush-to-canvas. Jack describes his paintings as fun and youthful yet deep. To date Jack has had four art-shows throughout the country hosting from St. Louis to Fort Lauderdale. I feel that a piece has really turned out well when I see the emotional delight in the eyes of people viewing my work.

Artist Statement
"My work is free flowing, uninhibited, and expresses the thinking behind my work. I use nature, mankind, and the cosmos as my common tread through out my work. I work with acrylic because it can be shaped in form and texture. It allows me to use my total imagination never places limits on what I want to express."

"My works, including reverse paintings, feature a variety of contemporary patterns; broken glass and beads add dimension making vivid colors come alive" - Jack Skay


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