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Watercolor Experimentation will give you in-depth knowledge and technical guidance into the world of water color painting.





Class Price


Please note, as of March 1st 2022, class time will be from 10 am – 1 pm. 

Pricing: $35 per class, or $120 for committing to 4 class in a row.

If you have painted in watermedia before, bring what you already have. There is no need to buy anything brand new.

Paper: 140 cold press 22 x 30 arches or kilimanjaro 140 : buy paper by the sheet it is better than paper in a pad. You may cut it down to smaller sizes you will want to buy in packs of 3-5 as that is your best buy
Support board: drawing board large enough to attach at least ¼ sheet paper size 11 x 15 but as large as a full sheet size. Can be gator board or foam core wrapped with clear packing tape to protect from the water. Brushes: king art, princeton, dream catchers, and/or escoda.

• 1” flat or one stroke
• 1” angle brush optional
• #12 round
• #8 round
• #5 rigger or script
• optional brush #36 goliath round

Pick your medium if you are beginner.

Pigments: tubes artist grade watercolors holbein ( I use a holbein palette), daniel smith, winsor newton,da vinci(best buy) american journey(best buy)or dale rowney do not buy student grade such at cottman. If you already have lots of paints do not buy we will look at what you have. This is a nice selection, bring what you have , just because I like a color does not mean you will like it.

• aueroline yellow
• new gamboge
• quin burnt orange or burnt sienna
• permanent rose or quin rose
• scarlet lake
• cobalt blue
• french ultramarine blue
• indanthrene blue or indanthrone blue or royal blue (name depends on the brand)

Gouache: I like a set of the primaries and white and black to get started. Holbein
Acrylic: I use a set of primaries and white and black to get started. Holbein
Palette: large watercolor palette with lid to carry back and forth.( pike, holbein, or quiller, cheap joes ) It should have 22 plus wells. Do not get the folding type.

Water bucket, coffee container, cottage cheese containers – don’t buy anything special. Paper towels, tissue’s and one roll of toilet paper. Sketch pad 11×14″ for sketching, drawing and taking notes.

• Pencil and soft eraser
• Tracing paper
• Masking tape neutral only no colors please can be gotten at home depot
• Any subject matter that appeals to you optional

Optional for intermediate to experimental classes: I will let you know in advance when you will need. I always have some for you to try before you buy.

• Watercolor pencils, crayons (american journey is a nice set)
• Watersouble graphite
• Oil pastels
• Ink, sumi, alcohol , watercolor, acrylic
• Masking fluid
• Gesso, white and blk
• Mat medium
• Gloss medium
• Heavy gel medium
• Cheap Joes gem finder (plastic mats when working.)

Where to buy:
Blicks, Fort Lauderdale
Jerry’s Artarama, Deerfield
Hands, delray beach

If you have any questions you may email me with your phone number and I will call you back. If in doubt we can go over the supplies the first day.

Watercolor experimentation
Teresa Kirk

Beginner – Advanced

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