Board Membership

ArtServe Mission
To create a more equitable and prosperous society through the arts. As a creative laboratory and arts incubator, ArtServe leverages the power of art to connect people, close opportunity gaps, and strengthen communities. We foster an environment of collaboration, which unites artists and community stakeholders to pursue arts-driven solutions to some of South Florida’s most critical challenges — from reducing homelessness and improving health outcomes, to protecting Florida’s ecosystem and preventing school violence. Through collaboration and philanthropy, we develop artistic initiatives and audience-centric programming that generates positive outcomes for the community.

ArtServe Board Member Commitments
Joining a board commits you to govern fulfillment of the organization’s mission by providing resources and oversight for the financial operations and carrying outboard member functions as stated in the by-laws. Active board participation is the key to the success of the organization. And while we are sensitive to everyone’s busy schedules, the following 7 items are expected of all board members:

  1. Attend board meetings (7 of 9 meetings required per fiscal year. In-person attendance is preferred to maintain an active and engaged board, but members can attend up to 2 of the 7 required meetings electronically. Board retreats are mandatory and must be attended in person.
  2. Come prepared to discuss the issues and business on the agenda for meetings; having read all material provided. Support ArtServe’s mission, goals, policies, and programs, while knowing its strengths and needs.
  3. Annual dues for ArtServe. Board members commit to serve a 2-year term. A minimum annual cash contribution of $500 is required each fiscal year, beginning on October 1st of each fiscal year and due no later than August 30th of the fiscal year. This is a “give” directly or “get” commitment. Payments can be made in installments upon request. Additional contributions are encouraged in the form of in-kind products, expertise for a service the organization would otherwise need to purchase, finding sponsors or others to donate to meet financial obligations, etc.
  4. Attend events and bring someone new to events to help advocate for the organization and promotion of local art. Refer and/or recruit artists you may know to the organization, recommend renting the facility to groups that need event or workshop space, and encourage gift shop and art sales.
  5. Participate actively in the organization as a board officer, and serve on at least one committee or task force.
  6. Recruit volunteers. Recommend qualified board members. If you know students seeking service hours, organizations to do a “done-in-a-day” project or individuals willing to invest a few hours to a volunteer project, please have them contact ArtServe.
  7. Promote ARTSERVE to your own networks. Post on your Facebook page to spread the word! Tweet if you are on twitter. Become an advocate for the organization to help it continue to grow and meet our mission. Comment, like, and share ArtServe posts frequently to expand our branding and exposure and cultivate new supporters.

For additional information please contact the ArtServe Executive Director, Jason Hughes:

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