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1,000 Ocean Memories
Submit Your Image of the Ocean

One Thousand Ocean Memories is a community-based project facilitated by South Florida artist Lizzy Taber in collaboration with ArtServe. Taber’s work explores many aspects of the ocean, both emotional and scientific.

The 1,000 Ocean Memories project is an ongoing collaborative artwork that requires community participation. It explores our collective relationship with the ocean alongside how our memories of the sea shape our view of the ever-changing natural world. 

ALL are invited to submit! This project is based on the idea that with modern technology, on average a person who visits the coast – not only has a memory with it but a physical souvenir – a photo.

There is no deadline associated with this project.

If your image is submitted during February – April 2021, your image will be featured in ArtServe’s Changing Landscapes exhibition as part of the 1,000 Ocean Memories installation. 

We invite you to submit a photo that you’ve taken of the ocean that will then be printed by the artist and exhibited alongside 100’s of photos.

By submitting this photo you are agreeing to let this image be printed, exhibited, and altered.

Each photo will be on display and documented, anonymously.

Please submit your photo below along with your written memory.

We also ask that you condense this memory, feeling, and moment in time to one word. This word can be a feeling, a moment, a name, a place, or even just a descriptive adjective. 

Outcome: The artist will take all of these photos and create one large installation that, as a whole, represents the unified and deep pull we have to the sea. It will be first exhibited at ArtServe gallery and will continue to grow and expand through the years. Our goal is to cap this project at 1,000 memories and create a data chart of the full range of emotions that we associate with our ocean memories. 

Email to connect with submission:

To take part in 1,000 Ocean Memories Project, please submit your image of the ocean using the submission form below.

Lizzy Taber’s projects explore the relationships between art and science, with a current emphasis on marine ecology and seafloor mapping. Tabers’ work has been exhibited in both galleries and museums across the country and internationally. In addition, she has also attended artist residencies in Croatia, Iceland, Key West, and Hawaii. A native of South Florida, Lizzy holds an MFA from Arizona State University and a BFA from Florida State University.

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