Teen Artrepreneurs and Short Play Festival is a free summer program open to Broward County students, 15-19 years old, who are seriously interested in pursuing a career in theater arts. Teen ARTrepreneurs helps students to…

  • Start their own theater company
  • Produce and present their own original one-act play
  • And learn the business side of the arts while receiving hands-on training from top theater pros on the creative aspects.

Combining both the business and creative sides of the arts, Teen ARTrepreneurs prepares students to succeed in a career they are passionate about.

Classes begin in June and end in August with a live presentation of the new shows in the ArtServe auditorium. Jim Hammond, founder and lead instructor, is renowned for his work with Broadway’s THE LION KING, Puppet Network and South Florida Day of the Dead Celebration. He and the ArtServe team have assembled a team of teachers that will guide you as you hone your professional skills and master the elements needed to make money with your art!

Applications for the 2017 year have closed. Please check back in spring of 2018.

What do prior TEEN ARTREPRENEURS & their parents say about the program?

“I have always wanted to do something creative in my life and hopefully for a living. Now, after I wrote and produced my first play with Teen ARTrepreneurs and the Short Play Festival, I feel this dream could ACTUALLY happen!” - ALEXIS (18)

“I came into the program and would wear a mask to hide my true self.  I’d try to be what I thought others wanted me to be - and it got me into trouble.  ARTrepreneurs gave me the confidence to be myself.  And I really believe the program has saved my life.”   - ZION (17), whose play was inspired by the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, which occurred the night before ARTrepreneurs 2016 began

 “I know my family loves me - even though we fight a lot.  They don’t believe in my desire to have a career in the arts.  My commitment to this summer program and the Play Festival proved to them (and me)...that it’s a legit career!”  - YESENIA (16)

 “My daughter had a large number of opportunities this summer working with two summer camps and two theatres when she was accepted into the ARTrepreneurs program.  She made the decision to decline other projects because she felt merging arts and business was unique. She was right!  She blossomed in confidence and focus.  I wish we had this program around when I was a teenager!” - CASEY'S (18) DAD