Date: 02/14/2018 | Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

The Visual Storytelling Institute

Date: February 14th 2018 |  Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM – with one (1) hour lunch break on-site.  Duration: 7 hours

Location: ArtServe, Inc. 1350 East Sunrise Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304- auditorium.

  • Educate cultural executives about the power of Visual Storytelling;
  • Tighten their business story to attract qualified audience to their cultural programs;
  • Visualize their business story, and create: 2-minute video explainer
  • Develop content marketing plan that is aligned with the organization’s buyer journey that can achieve fast market growth.


About the Visual Storytelling Institute (VSI)

The Visual Storytelling Institute (VSI) is the only visual marketing think tank that helps business leaders combine the power of storytelling with the effectiveness of visual media – in order to achieve profitable customer engagements. VSI help marketers and entrepreneurs who want to rise above the noise and avoid losing market share, by providing visual storytelling workshops, one-on-one coaching featuring our signature My Visual Story 9-step Framework, consulting, conferences and thought leadership – in order to drive sales and grow their companies.

The VSI Team:

Shlomi Ron

Ville Ailio

What is Visual Storytelling?

“Visual Storytelling is a marketing strategy that leverages compelling narratives, placing your

customer at the heart of the story, staged with an emotional visual media experience and effectively

distributed across your buyer’s journey – in order to empower customers’ lives and drive business






Modules; The instructor will provide the following lecture/presentations: VSI will leverage its signature 9-step My Visual Story framework to support participants’ business objectives:

  1. Setting: Extracting participants’ back story and purpose, top buyer personas, and goals;
  2. Conflict: Identifying buyers’ core challenges and emotional and meaning maps;
  3. Resolution: Crafting solution features, brand experience and advocacy mechanisms.
  4. Script: Using the resulting Meta-Story statement, identifying supporting stories from internal and external sources, and script writing.
  5. Create Assets: Shooting footage for a video (explainer) around each student’s project, including demos of 360 video and other visual formats.
  6. Strategize: Setting audience segments (taken from Story Making), marketing goals, targets, and building a content marketing plan, using VSI’s Editorial Calendar by Buyer Journey Template
  7. Engage: Launching proactive and reactive engagement strategy including working with internal and external influencers
  8. Optimize: Measuring program performance against tactical and strategic KPIs, based on which developing an optimization strategy.

(Consultant/instructor) will provide:

  • Workshop and lecture services on  February 14, 2018:

The VSI team will the following full-day Visual Storytelling program:

Introduction about The Power of Visual Storytelling.


STEP 1: Story Making: Story Making workshop, developing a consistent business story

customized to participants’ buyer personas’ key challenges and their stage in the buying cycle,

covering: Outcome: Meta-story (Why), built around participants’ customer’s real pain point, which will allow their audience to emotionally connect like never before with their product. And Functional  Business Statement (What + How).


STEP 2: Story Visualizing: Transform your business story into compelling video explainer.

Video production will include:

Edit: Video editing and mastering

Outcome: Participants will get draft of a video script and a rough cut of the video story using

smart phone. No video production experience is needed.


STEP 3: Story Telling: Develop a content marketing strategy across channels and influencers to drive awareness and product adoption:

Outcome: Participants will get a content marketing strategy, powered by latest growth hacks that is adapted to your 1) buyer persona 2) her stage in the journey and 3) the channel experience they hang out on, both online and offline.

Brought to you in-part by The Broward County Cultural Division