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WETLANDS: Artistic Interventions in Response to the Everglades Environmental Crisis

From April through May 2022, ArtServe will present WETLANDS, a multi-disciplinary exhibition featuring works created by South Florida artists in response to the Everglades’ environmental crisis and its connected issues.

“There is no place in the world quite like America’s Everglades. These subtropical wetlands once encompassed more than three million acres, from Orlando to the Florida Keys. But today less than half of this unique ecosystem remains.” – The National Wildlife Federation

Recognized worldwide as a unique and cherished landscape but often referred to as the “most threatened National Park in the U.S.”, the Everglades – a one-of-a-kind network of natural resources with an abundance of wildlife found nowhere else in the world – originally covered almost a third of the state of Florida. The ever-increasing population and urban development, industry, and agriculture have resulted in large metropolitan areas, stressing the surrounding natural environments and destroying more than half of the original Everglades.

Today, 67 threatened species and more than a dozen Everglades animals are on the endangered species list. Also at stake is the daily water supply for nearly eight million Floridians. These are some of the pressing issues for the continuing restoration and conservation of the Everglades; and the motivation behind this exhibition and the works that inhabit it.

Also included in the WETLANDS exhibition are multi-disciplinary works from visual and performing artists, immersive installations, screening and learning pods that highlight and convey meaningful exchange, induce public understanding and appreciation for the Everglades, helping our community move from climate awareness to climate action. Panel discussions with participating artists, leading experts in the field and community members will be conducted throughout the exhibition period along with special educational opportunities designed to be enjoyed by the entire family.

Submission guidelines will be posted with the release of the call to artists.

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The guidelines will be released with the call to artists.

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