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Holly Diann

Painter and Interior Design
Born · Cape Cod, Massachusetts, United States

Emotionally driven and often stimulated by music, conversation and everyday observances, Holly’s work exudes an intentional obscurity allowing the viewer to experiences the piece for themselves and respond to their own perceptions and emotions.  As a self-taught artist, she draws inspiration from that which speaks to her and although may pieces begin with a basic idea of what she envision on the canvas, she often allows the first strokes of her brush to take her on an unintentional journey.

Holly Diann Harris, a Cape Cod native, has been a Florida resident over 30 years. She is a practicing interior designer with her own firm, HOLLY HARRIS DESIGNS, LLC, specializing in hospitality interiors spaces and high-end residential.  Re-introduced to her passion, the art that she loves is often incorporated into the design of her interior spaces.  Holly has exhibited at several ArtServe Fort Lauderdale shows as well as Broward Art Guild venues, and FatVillage Art Walks as a featured artist. Commissioned work is always welcomed.

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