Project Description

Community Partner

Broward Cultural Division

Twenty-eight years after the launch of a bold experiment called the Cooperative Marketing Program (CMP), it continues to be a vital and relevant marketing resource for scores of cultural non-profit organizations in Broward County.

Just one of a handful of similar cultural ad programs within the United States, CMP has made an indelible mark on the entire South Florida arts scene through vision, expertise, and partnerships.

Administered via ArtServe, an award-winning non-profit and cultural powerhouse, the Co Op team fulfills media plans and ad placements on behalf of Broward based non-profit cultural organizations and individual artists. CMP was designed to educate its participants with engaging workshops and assist in maximizing advertising budgets including design, placement, and planning — making ArtServe the perfect arts organization to facilitate this extraordinary and vast multi-disciplinary advertising program.

Whether the program is measured in reported financial transactions, professional development workshops, or the increase in the publics’ cultural engagement, the result is clear: the experiment has succeeded and continues to be force of excellence in Broward County through strong relationship building, promise keeping, and verifiable data management. Co Op, along with the innovative CMP Ad Pro system, is the best condition that it has ever been.

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