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Ronnie Greenspan artwork challenges viewers to see the world in a new way through use of imagination. Her whimsical pieces combine
psychedelic design and intense color in a unique fashion. The pieces convey both joy and wonder. Greenspan uses her background in Jungian depth psychology to create symbols of the collective unconscious. She incorporates extensive study in composition and design to create collages, photo-manipulations, paintings and art videos that challenge perception.

Artist Bio

Ronnie Greenspan's imaginative artwork is collected by art lovers throughout the world. The South Florida based artist recently exhibited her
work at the Choose954 cultural organization's pop up show at Yolo on Las Olas Blvd. Greenspan's digital and fine art is visible and for sale on
a variety of art related social media sites including fineartamerica, and The prolific artist has also ventured into the world of video art. Her videos can be viewed on

Greenspan has been exhibiting and selling her work at for the past 30 years. Her large-scale pieces are part of artserve's private collection and are available for a donation to the organization.

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