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β€œIt is not just about taking wonderful photographs ... but it is mainly about raising awareness that if we do not stop harming nature, we will lose precious things and memorable moments. And unfortunately, when destroyed, nature cannot be repaired or replaced. It is more than a click. It is a movement. It is art!” – Fernanda do Valle

Artist Bio

Fernanda do Valle was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1978. She is best known in her country as a writer. But since Fernanda arrived in Wayne, Pennsylvania, in May 2015, she has been very devoted to photography and her hobby has grown into a serious career. She has studied and learned a lot, and in 2016, she graduated from The New York Institute of Photography in Professional Photography. Her first exhibition was at the prestigious Wayne Art Center. Since then, she has been in art shows sharing her images. Fernanda is specialized in Macro photography, her real passion. With degree in Tourism, she has traveled around the world, learning about different cultures and being inspired by the beauty of many types of arts. In 2008, after almost losing her life to an eating disorder, Fernanda wrote her first book to help others who suffer from similar problems. This book, which has already received an award, continues to reach people until today. Fernanda has published five books in Brazil.

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