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Just as a mystery writer or poet slowly reveals the plot or underlying meaning I strive for my paintings to do the same. My goal is to draw the audience into a world that envelops them and ultimately stimulates thought and feeling. In order to achieve that goal, I use nature and all that it encompasses as my inspiration. Exploration of the shapes, composition, color, as it appears in the world around us, and the emotions that are generated are exciting to me and something I strive to convey to the audience. Even in the smallest details, such as, a close-up view of the bark on a tree, insect or animal or the wider panorama of a forest, water or sky can provide new insights and a sense of awe. As with the many layers that can be identified in natural objects my work is comprised of different layers and techniques in order to develop art that people want to continually explore.

I work on wood panels and canvas using acrylic paint and mediums. Multiple paint layers, three to six deep, provides depth and mystery enabling the viewer to explore the many facets within the painting. Wood panels provide a smoother surface that makes scraping to reveal underlying layers easier to achieve and control. Use of soft gels on either surface enables me to reveal the layers and achieve blended colors that provide depth to the artwork.

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Professional Curriculum:
University of South Florida
Boca Raton Museum of Art School

Boca Raton Art Guild - Signature Artist
Broward Art Guild
Women in the Visual Arts (WITVA) - Juried Artist

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