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This air sign is light , fluid like water , flowing changing with every season .
Every brush stroke creates a new connection, a new understanding about myself and the universe , my art is my heart , naked and vulnerable for all to see.
I am a lover, I am a rebel , a gentle soul ,innocent , wise and pure , I just want to spread love and be free.

Artist Bio

Hi I’m Candi Sweetland and i'm a free-spirited moonchild On an abstract journey of self expression.. My art is a form of Meditation that explores the layers of my heart and subconscious mind while using principles of Color Therapy and Mindfulness.

I am inspired by the beauty of nature, the texture of tree barks and the flow of the ocean. Nature reminds me how to move with ease and grace.Visual Artist Luci Sterre , Monet and Joan Mitchell. Other influences include the beautiful words of Rumi and Ralph Waldo Emerson -They remind me to see the magic in ordinary moments. I am moved by the musical mantras of Deva Premal ,spiritual introspection of Trevor Hall and jazz from artists like Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole bring me in resonance with my truth and heart space.

Education wise I have been going to art classes and doing graphic design courses from I was 18, I have an associates of science in graphic design, studied Illustration and Visual Arts. I am also a reiki practitioner and infuse reiki energy and positive intentions into my art and jewelry

My art is created with the intention of expressing my inner terrain beyond the need for words. Each technique has its own process and purpose. Fluid painting for me is about letting go illusions and going with the universal flow of life. Pallet knife painting techniques is about expressing my inner self, truth and suppressed emotions. I work mainly with acrylics and even though my art is none objective and about expressing color beyond the need of words, sometimes when I tap into this divine creative space a stream of consciousness flows through me like a sweet poetic symphony.


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