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"I paint what we perceive, but don't talk about." -CLoD

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Venezuelan artist Claudia Echeverría (CLoD) is best known for her whimsical abstract images that depict a world we can only visit through our imagination. CLoD uses Acrilyc mixed with oil mediums on canvas to give voice to alien cartoon characters and sexy perky lip goddess. A swirl of vibrant, bold colors hypnotizes the soul with the flow of a visual poetic language. Large to medium scale paintings speak about the essence of being vulnerable and free.
Most recently, CLoD took a year to travel the world, leaving her corporate life behind. Her new body of work portrays her experience and growth. CLoD describes her work as, “what we all perceive but no one speaks of.” Whatever thoughts you have about CLoD’s work, one thing is sure, you will walk away always conveying a sense of joy, honesty and an invitation to cut the BS.  

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