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I feel such excitement and energy when I pull out a new canvas. I approach a new painting with sketches and research of the flora and fauna of an area. The beauty of light that falls on a leaf or a flower fascinates me. Capturing the essence of an area and that life exists within, is my inspiration and joy, and in the end, my intention for the viewer.

Artist Bio

Artist Biography
Lisa A. Tishman, is best known for her joyful and colorful paintings of flora and fauna in whimsical environments. A glass of wine or a towel by the pool shows life exists there.
Greatly influenced by Peter Max, Kandinsky and Rousseau, the black outline and flat color became her style. This is evident today in her paintings.
Lisa graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, with a B.F.A. in Textile Design. She also received a Master’s Degree in Art Education. Her textile design technique greatly influences her style today. All for the love of black outline and flat color.
She paints with acrylic on canvas. A painting is completed before another one is started. To walk through this angst and not give up is one of her greatest lessons in life. Each piece has their own twists and turns.
Her intention is to bring joy to the viewer, offering a moment of respite in a hectic world. Enjoy!

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