Jeanno Jean-Pierro

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Inspired by movies and the German expressionist movement , I use composition and color to balance forms and rhythms. This approach creates a distinct and unique exploration of the surface. With allusions to the works of modern painters such as Voka, and "Ben Jeffrey", my paintings embody a tension between figure and foreground, drawing viewers in with emotionally exaggerated figure and color.

Artist Bio

When studying graphic design at college and University, it always bothered me the amount of rules, and restrictions that were associated with the design process. I always had a passion for studio art and enjoyed the freedom of expression that came with it. I am a self taught artist, learning and drawing inspiration from most modern artist. I begin my process with a basic composition in mind, but I let the brush stoke come up with the shapes and I choose color almost on the spot. Other times I see an image in my head and quickly sketch it out. I normally work in two stages, I first paint the entire canvas in a under painting. After it has dried I paint a second layer, adding more color and detail. After I finish a painting I usually add a varnish to enhance the colors.

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