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Jessica Concepcion is a Miami native, born in 1974. She has worked as a professional artist for over 15 years. Her compositions are an exploration in narrative imagery, brilliantly captured by vivid and diverse colors to evoke emotion and connection. Inspired by her own photography, Concepcion transfers real images into vividly painted photo-scapes, encouraging personal transference both in the physical making of the piece and the actual viewing of the piece itself.

Concepcion’s art captures the complexity of common objects in nature. Her signature painting style emphasizes, through color, the vibrancy of nature’s simple and, yet, profound intricacies.Concepcion’s latest series focuses on the negative and positive associations with birds’ nests. Within the series, each painting explores the cradling of objects from a childhood; the nests offering a journey of idioms and symbolism. Her work asks us to pause and contemplate the seemingly small but extraordinary aspects of nature, often easily missed in one’s busy life and world.

Concepcion was awarded the prestigious Old Capitol Solo Exhibition in Tallahasse, FL where her piece “Shades of Blue” was inducted into the State of Florida’s Permanent Collection.

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