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Many ask, “What artist are you influenced by the most?” For me, it is not an particular is the color, the light, the brush stroke, and most importantly the feeling conveyed in the artwork. I am thankful to everyone who ever painted and passed on their experiences to the world. I believe that I should paint the way they did, by feelings and for the love of painting, not by a certain school of art, or the way someone else painted. It is great how they paved the way for us in our journey, and it is our responsibility to do the same for others who may encounter our work.
Painting for me is a spiritual journey…. The Creator’s way to show me where I am and guid me through it all...
I have passion for color, deep rich color, but I like to try everything and experience it all.
I see beauty everywhere... as it should be seen.

Artist Bio

Nedaa Salameh’s Biography,

Nedaa is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, and many different things to others, but the most she was striving for is to always be herself… just to be Nedaa. And that is one of the reasons she signs her work with “Nedaa” only.
Born and raised in Kuwait, she was always interested in crafts, sewing, drawing, and painting. Since the early years of her life, used drawing and painting to escape from anything she didn’t like, imagining a world of color and joy.
Getting married at the early age of 16 derailed her from what felt right for a long time, although deep down that part of her was always reaching out and gasping for air. she always had a longing for colors and painting and also started to get interested in interior design.
Mischief in her personal life seemed to get her closer to her creative self. Opening up her own flower shop allowed her to stay with color. She studied interior design and took art classes here and there. Eventually, went to study the fine arts at Palestine Technical College for 2 years which was a big accomplishment considering that art was not a the usual in a country struggling with war for years.
For two years she finally did what she loved the most! Even with personal life getting harder to handle she still managed to excel and graduate top of her class. It was a dream come true after all!
Life was molding her to be the best she could be at most everything. She moved back to Florida in 2015 with a big smile and a strong heart. Now, she is using vibrant colors to create expressionistic artwork, hoping to make a great future as an artist...the artist she was always meant to be.
The most important thing she tries to get across to her students is to work from the heart and to never fear paint or “mistakes” after all, there are no mistakes in art!
She was introduced to the fluid acrylic pouring technique in 2017 and she knew that's what she needed to let go… To her it's the joy of playing with paint and color, and since she does everything from the heart that fit perfectly with her. One of her paintings “Teal Seas” won 3rd place in the winter exhibition at Broward Art Guild in January of 2018.

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