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My paintings reflect the mood and imagery of my current environment reflecting the beauty and imagery around me. Many are also allegorical in nature and also reflect visual interest in color and juxtaposition of shapes in composition.

Currently I am working on a series of paintings, acrylic on canvas in figurative and abstract expressionism that reflect on popular themes, confrontations and experiences in everyday life. While I have my own views and influences while creating them I like for visual participants to have their own personal interaction and experience while viewing them.

Artist Bio

Dave Parish studied fine art and graphic design at The School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City. While a student at SVA, Dave was mentored and encouraged by renowned artists Nachume Miller and John Gundelfinger.

Dave has been largely influenced by his immediate environment and his works reflect that. While living in New York City following his art education at SVA, Daves works were large urban abstracts and were shown at Ariel Gallery in Manhattan’s Soho District. While living in Cape Cod, his works were more bucolic and impressionistic on a smaller scale. Recently moved, Dave now calls South Florida home and is presently working on a series that are largely abstract and expressionistic.

Dave has shown at various galleries and group exhibitions as well as auctions and commercial spaces throughout the East Coast... from New York to New England.

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