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Mixed media artist, blending elements of painting, drawing, and collage to create vibrant and eye-catching pieces. Born in Uruguay, she moved to the United States sixteen years ago, living in New Jersey for the first eleven years of her American residence, she has since relocated to the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area, where she currently resides. Much of her inspiration to pursue art comes from her grandmother, a talented drawing teacher. Claudia had moved away from art to follow a different path, but following her grandmother’s passing, she began painting again as a way to honor her grandmother’s memory, and this decision has led to the cultivation of an impressive portfolio of work. 

Claudia blends mediums, practicing mostly in the abstract, creating paintings and drawings on anything from canvas, to wood, paper, and cardboard, often incorporating recycled objects into the work as well. She uses a mix of paints and is currently working with alcoholic inks, the quality of which create stunningly vibrant colors and textures. Her work is created in a very organic way, the beginnings of the first wash of a painting bringing about the subject matter and line work of the rest of the piece in a way that allows her to follow the natural progression of a piece as it feels right. Her paintings are highly detailed and often layered, and through this she invites the viewer to come closer in order to discover new elements hidden within the work. Through each piece she strives to establish a conversation with the viewer, taking them into her imagined world. 

Her work has been in numerous exhibitions, and just this year will be displayed worldwide at venues from Milan, Italy, Argentina,Dubai,Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at both gallery and festival settings. With inspiration for her own work coming from sources like Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, and Vincent Van Gogh, she hopes to eventually open a cultural center where others can come to study and create art of their own.