Karen Saint-Genies

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I am a full time dog walker and illustrator. The dog walking gives me time to think and get ideas. I try to had humor with my designs and they have a innocent,childlike quality as you can see by my style. My British sense of humor can be seen in some of the designs too and i am always open to new ideas and challenges. this year I was commissioned to create the Super Reader character for the City of Fort Lauderdale reading scheme. I am an active volunteer in the community and always believe in giving back where possible.
I can be hired to produce "one of kind" illustrations to beautifully capture the essence of you. Why not gift yourself or a friend a Karen Sint-Genies original illustration today. Its something you will cherish forever.

Artist Bio

Saint-Genies prefers to work with pencils for their feminine and soft quality. It's a medium she enjoys as she gets to take them everywhere she goes and express herself when she sees something she fancies. Most of her work features an angel, which is close to her heart, for personal reasons. Most of Saint-Genies's designs have been made into greetings cards and small keepsakes. Her work is currently on display ay Office Depot Foundation Head Office in Boca Raton, The Riverside Hotel and soon will be available n the Historic Stranahan House gift shop.
Karen was a Graphic Artist for most of her career and spent her life in Great Britain before moving to Paris with her husband and son, then packing up their lives and coming nearly four years ago to the United States. She studied Graphic Design and got a HND. She worked for many businesses producing publication material.
She always had passion for colored pencil illustrations and saying goodbye to family and friends started her desire to create cards an Angel Keepers to let them know she cared and missed them a lot. Tiny Toucan Treasures was born.