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Art is a way to express my feelings. I always paint for myself unless someone commissions a painting. What I mean by that is that I paint what inspires me at the moment. I am not thinking about what will sell or what is popular.
This equates to works of art that are very unique. I don't do series unless they are commissioned. This gives me the freedom to continually evolve and experiment.
My inspiration comes from books, movies, music, and personal experiences. Music helps me a lot when painting and I have done paintings solely based on a song that was in my head.
I like to do a lot of research before I start a new work of art. I feel I need to know as much about the subject as I can. And before I grab the brush I typically sketch works with pencil to get the composition right.
I am always experimenting with techniques and materials. Color is the most important part of a painting to me, so I spend a lot of time mixing colors and playing with color combinations just for fun.
I prefer to work on big canvases and usually paint on 30x30 or bigger. I like the feeling of being inmersed into the painting, and navigating it with your eyes. Bigger canvases also allow for atmospheric effects and give me more freedom during execution.

Artist Bio

Carlos Printe was born in Madrid, Spain. Art and music were his passion since his teenage years. And the bustling city of Madrid provided him the opportunity to learn the masters as well as discover the new tendencies.
Carlos studied art with Al Razza in Florida for several years before launching a studio of his own. His works are eclectic and experimental, including mixed media pieces where he integrates computer parts.

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