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The first time I touched clay, I knew I had found my calling. Since the early 1980’s, my work has been defined by themes of ritual and ceremony found in civilizations around the globe. Influenced by my international travels and living abroad, I realize that most cultures have more similarities than differences. Whether I am creating a vessel or working abstractly, the common denominator is marked by a relationship to ritual or ceremony.

My art employs a controlled, yet random manipulation of the clay in various states of plasticity. What happens when I slap a wet slab of clay on a thirsty plaster bat, or when my fingers pinch and prod the surface of an overly dry lump of terracotta? What can I do with the bits and pieces of clay salvaged from the work at large? Can they become an integral and creative part of the finished product?

While wheel thrown ceramics can be altered, hand building empowers me to explore and celebrate the “perfection of imperfection.” Inspired by ritual and ceremony, clay became the perfect medium for self-expression.

Artist Bio

Ceramic artist, Cheryl Brown is re-emerging into the South Florida art scene as an active resident of Fort Lauderdale’s up and coming FATVillage. Cheryl is a graduate of the Gerrit Reitveld Academie located in Amsterdam, Holland. Her work has been featured in South Florida, in her native Midwest, and in galleries and art collections throughout Holland. Influenced by her international travels, Cheryl’s greatest inspiration comes from a fascination with ritual and ceremony.

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