Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is ArtServe and what does ArtServe do for local residents and community in general?
    • ArtServe empowers local artists and cultural entities to achieve their vision, improve the cultural fabric of our community and discover innovations in the arts by providing ongoing programs, facilities and services. See more


  • Do you represent artists or review THEIR portfolio for your exhibits?
    • ArtServe is a community gallery and does not represent artists. We do not review portfolios. We produce about twelve exhibits per year. Each has its own theme to provide artists a wide range of options. It is up to you to decide what exhibit you would like to showcase your art work.
  • How many pieces can I submit for an exhibit?
    • Check the exhibit Call to Artist for all the information about -- number of pieces allowed, exhibit theme, size restrictions, art drop dates, deadlines, etc.
  • How do I get involved in ArtServe as an artist?
    • To get involved, sign up to receive our artblasts that we send out once a week with information about our upcoming exhibits, events, and opportunities for artists. You can also view our gallery schedule to see what show is available to register for next.
  • I have a collection of my paintings can I give them to you to sell?
    • No. We do not sell paintings that are not submitted as part of an exhibit. You can view our gallery schedule to see what exhibit is available next to register as an artist.
  • How recent should the artwork I would like to submit for an exhibit be?
    • Within this last year.
  • What type of art do you accept?
    • Paintings, sculptures, fiber art, jewelry, etc.


  • Where do I find information about an exhibit I want to participate in?
    • In the exhibit Call to Artist
  • What is a Call to Artist?
    • A Call to Artist is a document that provides artists the requirements and information they need to know in order to apply and submit work for an exhibit. Example: number pieces allowed, exhibit theme, size restrictions, art drop dates and deadlines, etc.
  • How many pieces of art can I submit for a show and how big can they be?
    • Because this answer varies for each show it is important that you read the call to artist page specific to the show you are interested in participating in.
  • Do I have to be a member to participate in an exhibit?
    • No. Exhibits are open to everyone although it is beneficial to be a member as you receive discounted entry fees and one free show per year. See: Membership Benefits


  • How can submit my art?
    • You can submit online or bring your art pieces during art drop-off also known as intake day. See Call for Artists for details.
  • If I submit my pieces online does that mean I'm accepted?
    • All pieces submitted online must be delivered on the intake date (See Call to Artist for dates & deadlines). Depending on the show it may be juried -- but the piece will be judged in person. We have you submit online to make the drop-off process quicker for you and so that we can not only sell your artwork in the gallery, but online as well!
  • I submitted my pieces online and no one has contacted me, are my pieces in the show?
    • Yes! All pieces submitted online need to be delivered on the intake date. Depending on the show it may be juried -- but the piece will be judged in person. We have you submit online to make the drop-off process quicker for you and so that we can not only sell your artwork in the gallery, but online as well!


  • Do I have to sell my art in order to exhibit?
    • No. It is completely up to the artist if he/she wants to sell a piece. The tag can marked NFS (not for sale)
  • Are your shows judged?
    • We do have shows that are judged. Check the call to artist for the particular show you would like to enter to find out details.
  • If my piece sells in a show can I replace it with another one?
    • No
  • Does ArtServe add a commission to my art pieces?
    • Yes, 25% will be added to your artist price.


  • I see you have solo galleries available to rent for artists to exhibit their work. How can I rent a gallery?
    •   Mounting a private exhibition is one of the privileges for ArtServe members. As a member you can sign up to have a solo show in one of our vignette galleries for a one-month long show. Spaces fill up fast so be sure to email to reserve your spot.
  • How many times can I rent a solo gallery in a year? Can I rent for more than a month?
    • No


  • I just inherited a piece can you tell me how much its worth?
    • No. We do not have anyone on our staff that is an art appraiser


  • I would like to rent the entire main gallery space for my own art exhibition. How can I do that?
    • The main gallery is for ArtServe use only - our mission create and present exhibits for our members and community.


  • How can I get my artwork to be a part of the artistic referral program.
    • We have partnered with businesses and organizations in Fort Lauderdale allowing members of ArtServe an opportunity to showcase and sell their art. The first step is being a member of ArtServe. If you are not a member you can become one online. Current members will be considered for opportunities based on the client's needs. The art work screened to match the special criteria  set forth by our clients. Art for this program us chosen through our online artist portfolio section, so be sure to upload yours!


  • I am a teacher and I would like to teach at ArtServe. How can I do this?


  • Why should I be a member of ArtServe if I don't need to be one to enter the exhibits?
    • Membership comes with an array of benefits, Visit the membership page for a full list
  • Membership benefits:


  • How can I get my pieces in the gift shop?
    • The gift shop has an intake every three/four months. Check out the Gift Shop page for updated information and intake date.
  • Do I have to be member to sell my art in the gift shop?
    • Yes, it is a member benefit. You may participate in the intake even if you are not a member with the agreement that if your pieces are selected you will need to pay for membership.