As ArtServe celebrates its 30th Anniversary in 2019 and we are working to maximize community investments in its revitalized position as a 21st Century Arts Service Organization.  We are proud to unveil our  Creative Laboratory.

A laboratory is a place that provides the opportunity for experimentation, observation, or practice in a field of study.   ArtServe's laboratory will provide a space for the fostering of innovative collaborations among artists, entrepreneurs, community stakeholders, governments and businesses,  ArtServe’s Creative Laboratory generates big ideas that merge arts, science and technology to improve outcomes in social, academic, environmental and health arenas.

Imagine an arts project that teaches job skills to the homeless, reducing poverty by increasing the potential for the disenfranchised to enter the job market.  Or, a program that uses the arts to inspire young people to act as lifelong environmental stewards committed to making their communities sustainably cleaner.

This is the kind of work that will emerge from ArtServe’s Creative Laboratory, verifiably strengthening a community’s wellbeing, fortifying its progress and catalyzing its economic prosperity.

The Creative Laboratory will be revealed on August 22nd and September 7th   as part of the openings receptions for “HOME: An Artistic Celebration of Community,”  a very special kind of exhibition that includes artists of all disciplines, including gallery works by local artists, both emerging and accomplished artists.

Included is an incredible performance by artists who’ve already been experimenting in the Laboratory over the past few months.  Fusing their art in a genre-bending performance piece are former Miami City Ballet dancer and stroke survivor Isanusi Garcia Rodriquez, photo artists David Muir and Dan Perez, spoken word artists from Thou Art Woman, and many more.