Artserve and local art aficionado Lenore Stern Morris (voted  Best Art Patron, New Times) invite you to join us on a four-part series on art appreciation and collecting. 

Lenore Stern Morris, based in Boca Raton, has curated exhibits and galleries from Boca to Miami to Russia, running the gamut from pop art to high art. Her goal, as she often puts it, is to show that art is for everybody. Most recently in Broward County, the art dealer/lecturer/consultant curated the “ComicPop” exhibit at Coral Springs Museum of Art, taking attendees from actual comic-book art to socially conscious pop art, demanding the attention of children and adults simultaneously.

Lenore's goal is for participants to the Lecture Series "to incur a greater awareness of the creativity of the world around them and become more aware of the lack of restraints that inhibited their awareness and their sensory experience would also evolve to new levels of enhancement without prejudgment or stereotype to new levels of enhancement" 

Admission to each lecture is $18 general admission (series of all four lectures $40) | $5 for Artserve members
Includes lite bites and a glass of wine in the settings of Artserve's gallery featuring of work from South Florida's emerging artists.  

What Is Art

Wednesday, October 17th
6pm   complimentary glass of wine and light bites | lecture begins at 6pm
Tickets $18 General Admission | $5 Artserve Members

ART doesn’t need to be understood to be enjoyed. Like life itself, it can simply be experienced. Like beauty, truth and life itself, ART is larger than any definition! It provides ways to communicate beyond ordinary verbal exchange and fosters the development of our inner world, the emotional , spiritual and creative aspects of our human experience.

ART can inspire, beautify, inform, persuade, entertain and transform. But it can also deceive, humiliate and even anger the viewer! ARt can arouse emotions , spark our imagination, delight the senses and help us to develop a personal sense of beauty and truth. A work of ART can inspire all these functions at once.

To varying degrees we are all guided or limited in our growth of awareness by people who influence us , be they parents, teachers, friends and so forth. As we become more conscious of our sensory experience we open up to new levels of awareness. Degrees of awareness can be distinguished by the verbs, “Look” and “See”. “Looking” implies viewing what is before us in a purely mechanical way, whereas “Seeing” is a more active extension of “Looking” which occurs when we go beyond  the simple function  of “looking” to a higher level of perception. We are then “Seeing”.

Therefore, “What is ART?”

The ART of PopArt!

Wednesday, October 24th
6pm   complimentary glass of wine and light bites | lecture begins at 6pm
Tickets $18 General Admission | $5 Artserve Members

PopArt is an exemplary expression of creativity that knows no age barrier nor sexual identity. Whether it’s PopEye, Mighty Mouse, Batman, WonderWoman, SuperMan, SpiderMan…..whatever! You can be nine years old or ninety years old , almost everyone can relate to it! And you can ask why! It’s really quite simple. the answer may well be found in childhood memories. I can I can look at a painting by Artist, Charles Fazzino of The roller coaster in Coney Island and my mind goes back to the days when my parents took me there. It’s a warm, cozy and intimate feeling that one gets that takes the mind off the NOW and reverts back to the warmth and security of childhood.

And lest we forget the word POP is a likely anachronism for guess what?……..POPULAR, which would explain why Artists like Warhol, Lichtenstein, etc, also devoted an extensive  amount of what we now know today as “PopArt”. Indeed some of the most recognizable Warhol images  were.  “Campbell Soup” and Marilyn Monroe etc.

To an Artists like Jose Debo, it’s Batman and Superman that speak to him. Whether it relegate to film characters, cartoons, comic book characters or television heroes, PopArt resonates with the viewer, no matter the age,  no matter the sexual orientation, no matter what!


The Art of buying ART for Love ❤️ and Profit $$$

Wednesday, November 7th
6pm   complimentary glass of wine and light bites | lecture begins at 6pm
Tickets $18 General Admission | $5 Artserve Members

The first and most important query is…..why do you want to buy ART! The buyer must determine why they want to purchase ART. Is it to decorate a home , an office or a particular  venue. Or is it that the buyer seeks an alternative investment or to diversify their investment portfolio? In any case once that determination is addressed then the hard work begins!


Latin American Art: The Power, The Passion And The Glory

Wednesday, November 14th
6pm complimentary glass of wine and light bites | lecture begins at 6pm
Tickets $18 General Admission | $5 Artserve Members

South Florida and Miami in particular, opened a vital link to The Latin American Art Market initially in part due to the proximity to Latin America. This was closely followed by the emergence of Art Fairs such as Art Basel, Art Miami as well as Auction houses. The proximity to Latin America has no doubt encouraged and increased the number of Artists, Museums and Art Galleries which never would have existed without the number of Art Collectors which are no doubt largely responsible for the flourishing Latin American Art market. Obviously the meteoric rise in recognizable Artists names, power players, notable Art Collectors, Public and Private Foundations , Art Galleries and Auction houses have also led to increased knowledge and awareness of Latin American Art.

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Lenore Stern-Morris Professional Profile

Conceived and implemented The First International Art Exhibition “Pools” at Galerie Moderne, Moscow, Russia, Galerie Modus Vivendi, Zurich Switzerland and The Norton Museum, Palm Beach, Florida
Created Art Seminars, “Connoisseurship: The Art of Collecting Fine Art” and “Art:The Third Asset Class”
Art Consultant: Citibank Art Advisory and Citibank Private Bank, Palm Beach, Florida and New York, N.Y
Member Arts Council and Cataloger: Cedar Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, Ca
Transcriber: SHOAH Foundation and “Survivors and Liberators”, Los Angeles, Ca
Featured Speaker, PBS-tv “South Florida Today”
Featured Speaker, “China: The “new” Art Basel?”  Ft Lauderdale Museum
Featured Speaker, “Art for Investment” UBS Wealth Management
Featured Journalist: Florida Design, Art Business News, ArtNews, Miami Home & Decor, The Boca Raton News and Luxury Life, Zurich Switzerland
Featured Subject: “Art for the Office”. South Florida CEO , November 2007
Beverly Hills Bar Association: “Committee for the Arts”
Featured Lecturer: UBS Wealth Management, Ft Lauderdale,
Art Consultant and Preview Coordinator: Butterfield Auctions, Los Angeles, Ca
Co-Curator .”Contemporary Latin American Art”, Cornell Museum, Delray Beach,Fl

Professional Etceteras:
Director: Albert Stuart Gallery, West Hollywood, Ca
Lurie Galleries: Director of Marketing and PR: Studio City, Miami and Boca Raton Receptions, Collector Previews, Charity Events, Art Auctions
Exclusive Agent: The Ladner Art Collection
Conducted Art Tours: The Boca Raton Hotel, The Breakers Hotel, The Sagamore Hotel, and Pasadena Civic Center
Board Member Delray Beach “Art in Public Places”