Broward Quilt Expo

February 1 - 28

“The Maker’s Hand”  A collection of Mini-Quilts

The term mini-quilts is used in the quilting world to describe any quilt that is no greater in size than 120” perimeter.  Mini-quilts are not to be confused with “miniature-quilts” which would be traditional quilts reduced in size by scale. Mini-quilts are created by textile artists and quilters to explore new techniques, stitch patterns, color combination and allow experimentation. Mini-quilts may contain 100 of pieces of fabric and 1,000 of stitches.  They are used for display as wall art.

Quilting in America started as a necessity with little creativity and strictly for function (warmth) with recycled fabric sources (usually clothing).  As the industrial revolution made fabric and blanket production available, quilting moved to a more thought out and artistic craft.  Today quilting has evolved from traditional styles (medallions, memorial quilts, heirloom bedspreads) to modern quilts that resemble pop-art and abstract creations. The emergence of the Gee’s Bends Quilts has reintroduced quilting as a form of American Folk Art.



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