Nelson A. Babilonia Bula

May 2nd - 16th, 2019

Artist Reception: Saturday, May 4 | 6pm - 8pm

Nelson A. Babilonia Bula was born in San Juan Puerto Rico, 1980. His passion for design drove him to studied draftsman. On 2004, a close friend Malcom Ferrer, an artist in the fine arts, awakened his interest in painting. By 2006 he was selected to join the school of Plastic Art of Puerto Rico for a Bachelor’s degree in painting. His art works are the product of a series of studies based on the Biblical scriptures.

Artist Statement
I don’t seek for God in the arts, only the art to dialogue with Him and the observer, in a creative way. My interest in drawing and painting is to express a language that for lack of words, visually is complete trough forms, volume and colors. The intention of our works is the most important thing for me in the composition. Trough the practice of drawing and painting we can stimulate our brain with new ideas that can help us resolve or understand many things to build knowledge.

I also believe that this practice can bring our kids a high level of education and enrich the culture in many ways. It’s a language that we can all understand, some more complicated than others.



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