Pierre Pepin


Photographic Cubism Art Images in Motion

Gallery Reception: November 15 | 6pm - 8pm


Abstraction  Through the  Spectrum  of Light, Motion, Space, Dimension. Pierre Pepin (Ph.D.) has led a teaching career and shown his sculpted visual images worldwide.

The artist sculpts, by hand through time, space, and motion, the full-color spectrum and produces abstract and composites of natural color images using transparent shapes and forms to build 3D images on frames of 2D images. Through his research, Pepin casts the beauty of light through the lens of his camera. By study and playing with all the components, his exploration with the reflection and refraction of light through static sculpture enables him to animate them in motion. He seizes a certain period of time and space (the moment) of the images and its reflection is his inspiration of the moment. Creating the magic of colors in motion he experiences a very personal way of painting with light.

For many years using also science, art and technology to express his art forms the artist explores diverse techniques: drawing, watercolor, acrylic, collage, hologram, photography, VR and now multi-media. His latest scientific approaches to art and technology now have merged. With this method, he experiences a very personal way of painting and sculpture through light.

The Continuing Process of painting and sculpting with light in motion is a fascinating experience that explores all the multimedia development processes and much more. (Video, animation, graphics design, sculpture, environment, performance, and sound processing, etc.). By discovering the surprising effects of the decomposition of light, this phenomenal artistic research of color and light creates a truly moving painting to reproduce all the colors of the solar spectrum.





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